Friday, July 1, 2011

Engel Bergseid

Mission Statement for Engel M. Bergseid on June 27th 2011.

Engel Bergseid's funeral service was June 27, 20011 at Rollag, MN. The service included military honors. 20 Patriot Guard Riders paid final respect to a WWII Marine. The weather held from the west/southwest but not so well from the north/northeast. We formed the flag line at 1000hrs. Mrs. Bergseid came out and thanked the flag line for honoring her husband. (Please forgive me if I miss quote) Mrs. Bergseid said that Engel would have been very proud. She commented on her son who was honored with a flag line in Washington DC. Her son was killed in the line of duty as a Police Officer. The flag line then and now was very comforting to her. With the large amount of truck traffic, some members became traffic controllers i.e. "Road Guards". The help was commented on as people walked through the flag line. After the service the Pallbears carried Engel 125 yards to the burial site. The PGR walk beside the casket and then positioned to the north of the site. The rain started at the walk. Thank you Steve for taking umbrella duty for Mrs. Bergseid. We were invited for lunch after the service. With no end to the rain several members help guests to the cars using umbrellas and also going to bring vehicles closer.

This was one of those multi-tasking missions. As needs developed the PGR’s identified and made it happen. Thank you for who you are and for what your service means to the families. This was my first mission as RCIC. I learned so much from this end of the stick. Thank you all for the support.

Dean Foell, RCIC