Monday, April 23, 2012

2nd Part LCPL Beise

 The St Cloud Sector completed the escort Mission today for LCPL Beise thanks in part to Members stepping up and being there for this family. 
 I started my day by watching it rain like a broken water pipe but thinking we need the moisture, then the light came on that we needed to complete the last step for St Cloud and escort LCPL Beise from Princeton MN to St Francis MN. Now I am in a panic trying to figure out how to shut the rain off. I checked the "All reliable" forecast and radar which showed no clouds and no rain so I ran back to the window to see the rain still coming down with no let up in sight. You really have to love all our technology but you can't beat what you see with your own eyes! By 11:00 AM I figured I have to do the escort even if it is just me and my car as I believe it was the least I could do for this Veteran. By noon the rain was just a very little drizzle so I figured it finally caught up to the Radar and I am good to go. As I am about a half mile from home I am looking for some type of sign that the rain is done and it will be a dry ride, really hoping to see an eagle the sure sign things are good. Bam! 2 ducks fly over the bike so I knew it was not going to be dry! Ducks and not eagles just ruined my day and within about 2 miles the rain returned yes I had left home with my rain gear in one of my trunks so it was dry but not me.
 Arriving at the staging site I knew Rick J was going to be there but after that I figured why would anyone else want to get wet on purpose. Within 15 minutes we had 7 wet members all looking at each other and comparing radar images that showed no rain, go figure! We waited a little passed the time I wanted to leave because the rain was coming down a little harder than what I wanted. By 12:45 I figured now or never and we headed out, well a few feet anyway, then Rick and I asked the question to each other one more time, Are we taking safety into consideration, and we both agreed that it was just a drizzle. Off we went and to my surprise it was not to bad. There was enough wind that the rain flew by you more than puddling on you. We arrived in Princeton with plenty of time to spare and just in time to see Geno (Metro ARC) drive up to help us out.
 We quickly met with the director and put a plan together to get to St Francis and arranging who would fill what role and how many vehicles we had. Within 15 minutes the director was ready and the 6 Marines that stayed on watch moved LCPL Beise from the inside lobby to the front doors. We formed a a 4 person file on each side of walk way for the Marines to bring LCPL Beise through to get him to the Hurst. As the LCPL passed by we presented arms and held it until he was placed in the vehicle.
 The funeral director led the procession of 6 Bikes,1 Hurst, 2 trail vehicles and then 2 more bikes from Princeton to St Francis keeping us all in tow throughout the trip. Unknown to any of use the Beise family farm is about 3 miles away from the Church and on the way there we had to pass their house to get to the Church. As we rounded a corner and went over a little hill we passed the Beise House where the whole family was standing at the end of their drive way as we passed by. I could not help but to feel the pain this must have been for them at the site of our procession, but yet I sensed the calm from our presence.
 Upon arrival at the church we parked our bikes and again formed 2 rows with ourselves and 2 other PGR members that were at the Church so there was a pathway for the Marines to bring LCPL through to get into the Church. We all presented arms as the Marines passed and entered the Church. Due to the conditions of the roads and it still raining we all decided it was best for us to get back to the St Cloud area as the Metro team was there and ready to take over for us.
 I know for me I would do all the same things again to include all the driving if it meant I could bring just a small amount of healing to any Veteran family. I want to give a special Thank You to Rick J, Bob Larson, Ron Daniels, Todd Vogel, John Clarmont, and Paul Brandmire for being with today and the Metro Team that was there to take over.
 I can't tell you how many times the family Thanked us for what we did yesterday and today they were totally in awe of what we do and how we do it. We do make a difference and this family got to see the best of everything because of a lot of great people. Thank You ALL.

Rick Rakow
St Cloud Sector Ride Captain
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MN Patriot Guard Riders

Lance Corporal Beise

RC'S share as you see fit.
 On a clear warm afternoon 8 Members from St Cloud met at the Clear Water Travel Plaza at 3 pm and after a short briefing we headed for the Metro to Fire Station # 1 to stage for the escort of LCPC Beise. We made good time and the ride allowed us to get comfortable riding as a group in preparation for the ride to Princeton MN. Upon arriving at the Fire Station about 4:30 pm the Metro team had already staged and were proceeding to take their places for the flag line. Rick Johnson and I met with the Funeral Director and made our plans for the escort to Princeton and then held a short briefing with our escort riders so we all were clear on what we would do. Around 6 pm the plane arrived and the family moved from the fire station to the landing area. The metro PGR moved the flag line to directly in front of the Guard gate on both sides of the road and the more than 40 members made a scene for all to be proud of.  As the family left we moved into position to pick up the vehicles as they approached the Gate Guard. We were escorted from the area by the airport police so we had a clear path from the fire station to HWY 494. We hit the freeway with 6 Bikes leading 8 vehicles following and 2 bikes in the rear. We were not sure how it would turn out with such a large convoy but I guess people just know when they seen a bunch of bikes and a Hurst to get out of the way because it went as smooth as clock work.
 We moved through the freeway system with ease and arrived in the Rogers area in what seemed like minutes. From Rogers we picked up Hwy 169 which seemed like St Cloud as every light we hit turned Red. After multiple stops for red lights we cleared the traffic lights and in no time arrived in Princeton MN. Waiting in Princeton at the funeral home was 6 Marines standing at the curb at attention and 9 PGR members with Flags waving in the breeze that you could see from 2 blocks away. We pulled in front of the Funeral home allowing enough room for the Hurst to be right in front of the Marines and parked our bikes. All the escort riders then walked to the Hurst and lined up on the street side to surround the area. As LCPL Beise was removed we saluted until he was inside the building.
 LCPL Beise would of been so proud of the treatment he received this day and his family was overwhelmed at our support. Because of the MN Patriot Guard we helped a family through one of the hardest days of their lives, the return of LCPL Beise. A special Thank you to the escort riders: Rick Johnson, Jim McMahon, Todd Vogel, Dale Klein, John Clement, Steve Anderson, and Ron Daniels I could not have done this alone and they could have said no they could not go. Thank you to all the PGR members in the Metro (awesome display) and those that made the trip to Princeton (great job). Because of all of you we did make a difference in many lives today. THANK YOU!!

Rick Rakow
St Cloud Sector Ride Captain
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MN Patriot Guard Riders

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mission Report-Meet & Greet/Duluth Sector 2012

March 31, 2012
   On a cool and somewhat gloomy day, 38 "Hardy"  PGR Members came from near and far by motorcycle, car, and pickup  to the Elks Club in Duluth.  Thank you to all those who attended from Minnesota and Wisconsin!

As always, it was an honor and privilege to spend time with what was once quoted to me as, "The Best Group of People You Could Ever Meet!" The kindness and generosity shown will not be forgotten!  We met, we ate, we discussed, and we had fun!

Thank you to the Elks Club for providing us with a gathering place, great food, and service!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

WW2 Veteran Gordon Frahm, 14 JAN 2012

Short Notice Mission
WW2 Veteran Gordon Frahm, 88
Trimont, MN
14 January 2012

The Patriot Guard members were honored to stand for fellow Patriot Guard member Mark Frahm’s father. A WW2 hero who stormed the beach at Normandy and fought through the Battle of the Bulge. Gordon was able to join other veterans through ‘Honor Flight’ to visit the WW2 memorial in Washington, D.C. in the recent year. Gordon also cherished being able to attend the ’65 Twins World Series and to watch his great – nephew, Scott Erickson, pitch in the 1991 World Series. Gordon’s service continued as a member of the Trimont Fire Department, American Legion and VFW.
Thanks to Ken Peters for the motorcycle escort and Frank Andersen who made the trek from Albert Lea on short notice to pay Respect with Honor & Dignity to an American Hero.
Bruce ( Papa Goose) Saxton
ARC Worthington Sector

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daniel Peil, 14 Jan 12, Park Rapids/Bemidji

Nine members gathered at the Jones-Pearson Funeral Home in Park Rapids to pay respects to Daniel Peil for his service in the US Army from 1960 - 1963 as a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne.  Flagline was established as snow fell for visitation, and we stood down during the service, where the funeral home had set up coffee and a warm place for us.  Temps were in the mid 20's, so we were very appreciative!  Flagline was re-established as Daniel was brought out after the service.  Family and friends departed for the Park Rapids American Legion for a luncheon, while some of our members headed to the cemetery in Nary (near Bemidji) for interment, and some had to head home.  The roads were not great.  We had one new member join us - thanks Mark!
Eight members paid respects at interment at the Nary Cemetery, as snow fell again.  Military honors were provided by the Star of the North Marine Corps League.  Flagline was dismissed after all family and friends had departed Daniel's final resting place.
In talking with Daniel's lifelong partner, she stated that for many years Daniel never talked about his military service, but in later years, grew proud of the time he had served and enjoyed his friendships with other veterans and his time at the VA, and that he would have absolutely loved the PGR being there.  We learned that in the 70's, Daniel's first wife and 3 children were killed in a house fire turning his life upside down, he had a special place in his heart for the elderly and children with disabilities, and that he had a great singing voice, participating in bands across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.  During the service we heard several of his recordings that were played - he certainly was gifted!
It was an honor to stand in honor, dignity and respect for Daniel - thank you for all who were able to come today, and thank you to all who were with us in spirit, and thank you to Daniel for his service to our country.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mission Report: US Navy Operation Desert Storm Veteran Brian Schlomann, 39, Butterfield, MN 12-31-11

Twenty four MN PG members from multiple sectors answered the call to stand with Honor, Dignity and Respect for US Navy Veteran Brian Schlomann at the First Lutheran Church in Butterfield, MN on 12-31-11. The turnout was excellent and we were heartfully thanked by the Schlomann family upon their arrival as they saw all of the flags and PGR members lining the sidewalks in front of the church. We established our flag line prior to the visitation and stood a silent vigil as friends and family continued to arrive at the church until the sanctuary was overflowing. The outpouring of support for the family was very moving as so many came to remember a young husband and father who left us way too soon.

During the service, we fell out with most of our members proceeding to the small cemetery south of town where Brian would be laid to rest with full military honors. Seven members remained at the church to form a flag line as the casket was placed into the hearse and then departed ahead of the procession to join the other members at the cemetery. A chilly, brisk wind blew across the cemetery as we continued to stand in honor of this veteran and in support of his family. The final words were spoken and the Honor Guard performed a 21 gun salute followed by the sound of taps drifting across the cemetery grounds. After the last members of the funeral party had departed, we broke down our flag line and bade each other farewell as we returned to our homes keeping the Schlomann family in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this mission and also all who will continue to remember US Navy Veteran Brian Schlomann and his family in the days and years ahead.

Below is a link to some photos contributed by MN PG members Dale Claussen and Shirley Ethen:

Respectfully submitted,
Paul Ramsbey
Worthington Sector Ride Captain