Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stanley Anderson, 30 Nov 11, Aldrich, MN

Ten members of the Patriot Guard gathered to remember and honor Stanley Anderson for his service to our country.  The setting was a small country church, on a gravel road, atop a hill, with the cemetary next to the church.  There was a very slight breeze and people commented that the flags were beautiful as they turned up the gravel road and could see the flagline atop the hill.  Two members arrived early, and when the hearse arrived, we hopped on the flagline when a 3rd member arrived and joined us.  Instead of standing the flagline, we were asked to assist with carrying the casket into the church.
Flag line was established at 10:00 for visitation and stood down during the service, enjoying coffee provided by the ladies of the church.  Flag line was reformed as a light snow started to fall, with 6 members positioned in the cemetary, and the other 4 members flanked the pallbearers as Stanley was taken to his final resting place.  Military honors were provided by the members of the Wadena VFW.
Stanley's brother came thru the flagline to thank everyone for being there - it was his and Stanley's wish that the PGR be there when the time came.  Attendees were also amazed that one brave soul rode his motorcycle from the cities (we won't mention names Geno), and commented on the dedication of the PGR to honor those who serve and have served.  Several members joined in the luncheon provided.
Thank you to all who came today - it meant alot to Stanley's family and friends.  During a Silver Bay Vet Home visit in July, Stanley and his brother both asked if the PGR would be there when it was time, and we assured them we would be - Stanley was very happy to know that his friends of the MN PG would be there - he loved the monthly vists at the Silver Bay Vets Home and the MN PG was always his favorite group that came to the home - it always brought a smile to his face!  His brother commented that now he has to flirt with the nurses and aides there for both he & Stanley and wants to come see us all there when he can.