Monday, May 16, 2011

125th FA CO C Deployment Ceremony, Anoka, MN

May 15, 2011

9am and 45 degrees the first of 136 Patriot Guard started arriving. Frigid morning but it was a clear sky, a great day for the ceremony. We lined the parking lot and street to the entrance of the football field where we welcomed family and guests.

Sandy (new member) and Angela (celebrating her birthday) accompanied me to the armory where the three of us presented the signed PGR to the Captain in front of the whole unit and their families.

We then returned to the field and joined into the caos of fire ladder trucks setting up a huge flag overhead of the stadium in the wind (think I forgot to say that it was very windy). At about noon the soldiers marched the four blocks from the Armory to the stadium. The street to the stadium was flat for three blocks and went down hill steeply for the last one. Walking from the Armory the sea of flags or fire trucks weren't visable until you crest the hill. As the unit crest the hill it was an awesome sight.

As the unit passed by the flagline fell in behind them, after a little delay the unit went in and mustered on the football field facing their friends and family that were in the bleachers. The sea of flags and all the patriot hearted PGR holding them entered the opposite side of the field and formed a wall of flags behind the unit showing support of of the heroes in front of them.

It was a good day and a great showing of support from the community and the PGR. A big thanks to the Anoka Police their support, they were and always have been great to work with.

Click here for Pics from Laurie Johnson

Tim Leonhardt, Joe Egan, Dan Wilkenson (expendable), Mike Mcdonough, and Genko (Geno) Komerac