Monday, May 16, 2011

Marshall Sector Activities May 15th, 2011

Fifteen Marshall Sector members staged in two locations and traveled to St. James, in the Worthington Sector, to support one of the two deployments the Worthington Sector had on the same day (the other in Fairmont). About half the group traveled back via Captain Dan Days at Lucan for lunch and fellowship. The families of Fallen Hero Spc. James Wertish, Olivia, Mn., and recently deceased National Guardsman Spc. Jason Goche, Sacred Heart, Mn., were among those embraced by this year's Captain Dan Days. Several attending Patriot Guard members joined the community flag line during the last ever Captain Dan Days ceremony, including Marshall ARC Chris Dunsmore, and former Willmar Sector Ride Captain Ron Mackedanz and his wife, Janet, and new Willmar Sector Ride Captain John Laughlin. When the rest of us arrived, we were thanked over and over again by members of the Lucan community for our support the past five years of this wonderful event.