Monday, December 26, 2011

US Navy Seal, Retired, Scott Brachmann

To honor a true American Hero, 17 men and women of the Patriot Guard first assembled in Northfield to stand for Scott Brachmann and his family during the Visitation and Funeral Services on a brisk Monday morning, December 19, 2011, and then many joined their fellow PGR members where 43 stood to continue this tribute to his service at the Interment services at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery that beautiful sunny (albeit chilly) afternoon. Although adopted at age 8 from Korea, Scott went on to be a very successful Navy Seal until his retirement from the Navy in 2004, after which he continued service to his country by working with the Department of State High Threat Ambassadors Protection Detail in Bagdad, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He had just returned from duty providing maritime anti-piracy security in the middle east, when he died of a heart attack at age 48. The family expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the participation of the Minnesota Patriot Guard during their time of mourning.

As Geno has said many times, to our active Patriot Guard Members attending missions. "You are the Patriot Guard. You stand for those who can no longer stand for us and our Country. Thank you all for coming out to honor a true American Hero"! Thanks also go to Mike Marotta and Genko Komarec for making this a successful combined mission.

-- Steve Cartwright (Chief)Metro SE Ride Captain